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Four County Alliance of Southeast Idaho is a non-profit organization which promotes job creation, economic growth, sustainable growth and improved standards in Bear Lake, Caribou, Franklin and Oneida Counties.

Current Population- 32,741
​Total Employed-16,948

Average Earnings Per Job-

Where Talent Works:
Preston (Franklin County) 3,500
Soda Springs (Caribou county) 2,676
Montpelier (Bear Lake county)1,605
Malad City (Oneida county) 1,558
Grace (Caribou county) 1,012

Violent crimes-0.69
per 1,000 people (The national rate is 3.62)


Phosphate Manufacturing

Health Services

Chemical Manufacturing

Plastic/Pipe Fitting Manufacturing

Metal Fabrication

Business Services

Agricultural Production

Real Estate, Construction and Development

Transportation/ Logistics

Tax Reimbursement Incentive (TRI) provides a new or existing company the opportunity to apply for a reimbursement of a percentage of their annual state taxes up to 15 years.
If a company is adding 20 or more new positions above the current county average salary including benefits, the company can apply for the TRI before the employees are hired or new construction or expansion construction occurs.
The time frame for the application and approval incentives is usually 1 to 3 months.
Contact Molly Beseris at
208-317-7898 for more information.

Please follow the link for more opportunities for your business.

Incentives include but are not limited to: 

  • Tax Reimbursement Incentive

  • Business Advantage

  • Idaho Gem Grant

  • Idaho Community Development Block Grant

  • Property Tax Reduction

  • Workforce Training Funds 

  • and several other opportunities


For more details go to

or call Molly Beseris at 208-317-7898.

Southeast Idaho provides ample resources for viewing the great outdoors in winter, spring, summer and fall.


The area boasts historical sites such as the Oregon/California Trail Center in Montpelier and the Hudspeth Cutoff, as well pioneer homes in Chesterfield, and museums  in each county.


Indoor and outdoor activities abound year round. There is an extensive trail map available as well as an activities calendar.


Please visit for activities happening in the region.  

Looking to start a business? We can help with business plan development.


Need to expand but do not have enough room? We can help with expanding public infrastructure such as sewer, power, roads and so forth.


We are a liaison with the following entities that provide additional services: 

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